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Meet Susan Hernandez

    • Loves to travel with her husband (Kevin), two kids (Hannah & Ezra) and sister (Lily).

    • She would cruise everyday if she could. Aruba was her honeymoon spot and has a special place in her heart.

    • She speaks fluent Spanish.

My Story

Susan’s fondest childhood memories are the family trips and road trips they took each year. Now she travels with her own husband and kids, but loves traveling with her siblings, dad and in-laws. She is an expert in planning/traveling with toddlers and multigenerational trips. She is so grateful that her clients have given her the opportunity to help plan wonderful adventures for them that will also create those core memories. A vacation is special and whether you are a thrill seeker, want to simply relax by the beach, or want to explore a new part of the world, Susan is there to help guide you every step of the way.


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(323) 574-4306

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