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Meet Rachel Conway

    • Married to Dakota. They have one daughter, Peyton, and 2 rescued dogs, Nala and Rey.

    • She loves staying at Disney, 100%. But she also LOVE anywhere with a beach.

    • She played volleyball in college at North Park University.

My Story

Nothing makes Rachel’s heart happier than seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes. Traveling has always been fun for Rachel and her husband, but they enjoy it so much more now that they get to experience it all with her - and loves facilitating that for all of her families that feel the same way! Helping other people plan their vacations has been a dream come true for Rachel. Whether it’s a family’s first time to Disney, a couple enjoying their honeymoon, or a girls trip - she loves helping her clients every step of the way, answering every question, paying attention to the smallest details and making those tiny moments into magic. ✨


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(636) 614-5258

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