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Meet Mitzi Hamilton

    • Married to Jacob and have 3 daughters (Charlotte, Cordelia & Claire) along with an Aussiedoodle named Ozzie.

    • Anywhere in the Caribbean or the Wizarding World or Harry Potter.

    • She knows every line of The Office.

My Story

Mitzi has always loved exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures with her family. Over the years she has worked hard researching many family vacations for her own family. Our hectic lives give us limited free time with our loved ones and those times are so precious, she wants to help clients make the most of them. Mitzi has a passion to help families create meaningful travel experiences that strengthen their bonds and create lasting memories ensuring that the enchantment of each adventure remains unhindered by stress, allowing you to relish every moment to the fullest. Mitzi is grateful this adventure joyfully combines her passion for family, helping others, and seeing the world, to craft something extraordinary for you.


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(731) 616-2167

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