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Meet Melissa Tubbs

    • Married to Eric. We have three kids (Hayden, Emmett, and Oliver).

    • I absolutely love the beach/tropical paradise. I would move to a desert island if I could.

    • I originally went to college to be a marine biologist because of shark week on discovery. (Some days I wish I was one!)

My Story

Melissa’s favorite memories of growing up are trips with her family; as an adult she continued those trips with her own family. She learned she had a passion for planning vacations from resorts, to travel, dining, and beyond. She loves sharing her passion with others to help them plan every detail so they will have a memorable and amazing time. As your advisor for travel, she looks forward to creating those unique experiences just for you whether it’s a mini girls trip to a large family vacation.


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(731) 616-1530

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