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Meet Mallory Fiery

    • Married to husband Michael and has 3 kids (Maci, Theo, & Marleigh).

    • Favorite places to travel are Disney World, Caribbean, and anywhere exotic or far flung!

    • A fun fact - she has a PhD in Health/Clinical Psychology but actually went to work as a data scientist for insurance corporations prior to becoming a travel advisor!

My Story

Mallory is an expert in research (literally) and is passionate about travel, efficiency, attention to every detail, and making magical memories to last a lifetime with as little hassle as possible! Mallory published 6 papers in academic journals and considered professorship before launching into a lucrative corporate career until she realized she needed a change! Magic moments in special places with loved ones are what she lives for and she loves to share her talent and expertise.


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(980) 875-0457

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