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Meet Madison Bix

    • Married to Joe, with 2 kids (Dahlia & Oliver).

    • My happy place is Disneyland Resort! I love both DL and DCA could be there everyday and not get tired of it and find something new to love!

    • Loves going to comicons and other conventions to meet her favorite Marvel and Star Wars celebrities!

My Story

Madison has been crowned the Magic Maker in her family for planning all of their family vacations from itinerary, meal planning and everything in between, down to coordinating outfits. She loved being so involved in the process of making magic happen for her little ones, that she wanted to become a travel advisor to help other families make magic happen! Madison specializes in traveling with infants and toddlers, and loves to provide all of the tips and tricks on how to do so with ease to make sure her clients have the most magical time!


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(816) 372-2842

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