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Meet Kendal Helewski

    • Married to Zach and has 2 beautiful daughters (Bentleigh & Cassidy) plus a sweet dachshund (Arlo).

    • Favorite place to travel is, of course, the Happiest Place On Earth, DISNEY!!

    • Food is one of her love languages, so trying new eateries wherever she goes is a must!

My Story

Life is way too short to not experience new places and make memories with the people Kendal loves the most. While she loves the slower pace of a cruise or all inclusive, her favorite trips are theme parks, where she loves watching her girls excitement over seeing characters or experiencing a new ride. As a travel advisor she’s passionate about guiding you through the planning process so you can have the most amazing adventure full of unforgettable memories!


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(334) 614-8996

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