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Meet DawnMaree Welch

    • Mom of 3 grown kids and an almost empty nester.

    • My kids were Disney babies and still love going back!

    • Originally from NY, now in SC, and I love the heat and palm trees. I’ll be on the move again in a few years!!

My Story

DawnMaree's love for Disney and Universal all started when she was nine years old when they took their first big family trip to Southern California. She was in awe visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood! She couldn’t wait to go back and later went back many times. When DawnMaree was old enough to travel by herself, Disney World was on the top of her list, and now she just can’t seem to get enough of Disney and Universal…and her newfound love of cruises. DawnMaree would love to help plan your next vacation. She especially loves multigenerational trips. DawnMaree's motto is “Life can be hard at times. Vacations are good for the soul with each new memory added. ’’


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(315) 409-9240

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