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Meet Cyan Nardiello

    • Cat mom to two sweet girls.

    • Disneyland is my favorite out of all the Disney Parks, and Jamaica is my favorite destination vacation!

    • I have been to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea!

My Story

Memories are made of magic that last a lifetime, and comes in all different forms of travel. Whether you're in mood for a Mickey ice cream bar or butter beer, to eating with the locals in Isla, there is so much the world has to offer -- and you deserve to see it all! With an expertise in Disney parks and personal experience in several countries around the world, Cyan can plan a curated vacation that fits your family needs. Whether riding a coaster or relaxing by the ocean, she can plan the perfect trip for you!


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(973) 580-4380

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