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Meet Cody Dudte

    • Wife is Samantha Dudte and we have one son Camden along with dogs Baxter and Sadie.

    • When we are not visiting Disney World or the beach, we are hosting family gatherings with lots of food and fun.

    • My favorite memory at Disney World is when I proposed to my wife in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom.

My Story

Cody has a passion for all things involved with planning family vacations. Growing up he was highly involved in the planning process as his family always shared experiences before, during, and after vacations to create ever lasting memories. Today, Cody has the privilege to help other families create the same memories with being a trusted travel advisor with OUATV. His knowledge of travel alongside his own experiences with his wife and son, creates a memorable experience when families trust him with their travel opportunities.


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(330) 641-4642

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