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Meet Amy Chadwick

    • Married to Zac and have 3 kids (Lydia, Autumn, and Logan) with 2 older dogs she considers her first babies.

    • Favorite place to travel is Art of Animation Disney World!

    • She is a mama of a medically complex son and is able to advocate in ways she never felt possible!

My Story

Amy has spent her childhood going on yearly vacations. She has found joy in providing these opportunities to her own family through the years. She is able to provide these joyous vacations for her son with medical complexities and finds excitement with helping other families. As a mom of three children, she has felt the need to give equal opportunities for each of her children through travel. I find it to be a special experience to help others with young children, children/adults with exceptional needs, and families navigate planning a vacation without fear. As a travel advisor she can’t wait to help plan your next get away!


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(815) 509-6082

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