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Meet Allison Phelps

    • Married to Dustin and have 3 girls (Georgianne, Molly Kate, & Charley) along with a sweet puppy named Winnie.

    • Would love to stay at every single property at Disney World.

    • She traveled to Africa and they offered her Momma 10,000 camels for her.

My Story

Allison loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. She loves helping families make memories that will last a life time. As a Momma, these days are the days you will remember forever. No matter the age, the magic is always there. There is something so special about making memories with your family while traveling together. As your travel advisor, Allison can't wait to help you make magical memories that will last a lifetime.


Let me help you plan your storybook vacation!

(901) 647-3845

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